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Expertise in commercial and home investments


Loyalty. Ambition. Dedication. Darius has proved to embody these virtues again and again while faced with adversity. Being a genuine lover of people and their development, Darius looks to impact society through community development and education. He has an overarching goal of becoming the best real estate professional in the southeast. He believes in community uplift through acquiring equity in real property, reforming and relatability options, and systematically applying financially proven knowledge. Aligning his interest, Darius started companies focusing on investments in standard and alternative assets (real estate), financial literacy, wealth management, and preservation in under-represented communities. He is a professional with a trained and developed framework that will get to the bottom of the situation or problem presented to him. His many years as an honors student, D1 collegiate-level athlete, and relentless problem solver acquired this mindset. If you bring him a problem - be prepared for the solution. 

“Great service"

Alexa Young, NC

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